About Paul – Founder.

I’d like to tell you a bit about me and the experiences of my life with health.

Hi I’m Paul

I have been involved for over thirty years in helping all age groups men & women from – 8 years of age to 70 years of age – with coaching through sports, gyms, athletic tracks, nutrition & supplements with diet programs as well. My sports programs were Soccer, AFL, Rugby, Boxing, Track & field, Weight lifting and just looking after yourself through – strength & conditioning – skills, correct techniques, supplements and diet programs with gym work incorporated. I’m in my early sixties and have retired from coaching for most of my life, in doing so I have been looking into another way where I can help people of all ages by taking part in living a great healthy lifestyle with their lives. This also gives me the inspiration to practise what I say and do, to get myself to a healthier lifestyle.

I Get Great Enjoyment In Helping People In Life.

I know the feeling of setting goals and being focused to achieve my goals, but I have found through helping others with the same quest is very rewarding for me in so many ways by watching their achievements in life. There is nothing better than watching the different reactions to the client’s health with their body and mind grow with the goals that have been set.

I’m On My Mission…One That I Can Incorpatate Others With Me.

My reason is that through many years of helping people of all ages fulfil their achievements in their programs – is to do the same in a wider field to accomplish a healthy Body and mind throughout their lives.

I welcome you all to come on this journey with me.



e. paul@healthy-wise.com

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