Alternative Weight Loss Exercises…

I worked In a Gym for a few years and had the privilege of working and training with many athletes from different codes of sports on the verge or just outside the line of turning professional in their field of sports, but all so trained and worked with just your average person in wanting to get fit and lose weight, which I was certainly one of them on that mission as I am again on that mission Lol.

Three exercises that worked really well and there are many arguments with this but for (strength and conditioning, power lifting, weight loss and fitness ) were the ( Deadlift, Bench Press, & Squats ) They are the three exercises that can work on every muscle and structure of the body with great results for the athlete of an average person, I worked with 5 people who wanted to lose weight we worked on these three exercises with cardio thrown in between each program – all in the lose of 12 to 15 kilos over a period of 6 months plus – with this was eating healthy as well needed to be included to achieve the best results – as I said to eat healthy not starve your self to death.

The key to losing weight and strengthing the body is the number of Sets & Reps you do ( Example = 4 sets, 10 reps of 40 kilos – deadlift – ) what we are trying to achieve is a good quick movement at a low weight to burn calories but in using most muscles in the body – If you are looking at bodybuilding or powerlifting you would do 2 sets, 3 reps 120kilos – or take it to 2 sets, 2 reps 150 kilos depends on your body weight for the category that your training for, powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilder… For getting fit and losing weight there are many different variations of weight you can do, just remember the barbell on average weights 20 kilos, two weights added of 5 kilos give you a lift of 30 kilos, so you can just use the barbell of 20 kilos which most women do and still get the results that there looking for, add the weight that you feel comfortable with in pushing the body but not damaging it if that makes sense.

The great thing is if you are looking at doing these exercises in your own privacy we can do so by using barbells of smaller weight example they start at 1kilo – to 50 my suggestion is using 2 kilos, & 3 kilos, with using kettlebells of 5 kilos which is a good starting and then move to 10 kilos… with these smaller weights you can still do the benchpress, deadlifts and squats and still get great results… Kettlebells are very good for different exercises and the movements that can be made with them and if you would like you only have to use one to achieve good exercises and results.


These are only suggestions on different exercises that you can do to improve your athleticism for sports, weight loss, or just fitness – that you can do at the gym which is good as to watch, ask, and learn different programs if you are going to the gym as a first off get a trainer to show you the correct procedure of lifting or squating and just using weights if that doesn’t suit you do it at home but again if learning pay that bit extra foe a trainer to come to your home to show you the correct movement with weights, as remember weights can tare body muscles very quickly if you don’t know the correct movement for each exercise, all so remember to keep a diary on your program, the number of times you train, the exercise, reps and sets with what your eating with the program and weigh yourself only once a fortnight it gives you and interaction of better results than weighing every day and getting depleted because it looks like you haven’t los any with some days you will gain, muscle is heaver than fat, one key plenty of water fluid through the day and especially when working out keep the body fluids up so important to exercising.


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