Badminton Is The Highest Playing & Wealth Of Sport…

How big is Badminton worldwide, I was surprised to see that in today’s population of 7.9 billion that 2.9% of that number playing badminton which is roughly 229 million players are requested some were in the world playing the sport. Which countries are most played of these popular indoor sports… China, Indonesia, Denmark, South Korea, England & America. The sport of Badminton has English Origins, nonetheless, due to its large following In Asia, three out of the five countries that have dominated the World Badminton Championships are Asian countries.

Badminton is Dated Back As Far As 2000years.

Badminton was played nearly 2000 years ago by the Greek and Egyptian people, with Battledore as the previous name for Badminton Racquet, and Shuttlecock as the present name of Shuttle. Like all sports, over time the racquet was shorter and heavier than today’s super light designs of today’s racquets.

It Has Allways Been A Sport Of Fashion.

Like most sports worldwide Badminton has its own unique style of dress fashion, from shorts, dresses, tops, headbands, wristbands, shoes, and even women’s bras & briefs... to add to the stock of badminton carrier bags for the racquet, shuttles different weight and colors, the different designs and makes of racquets, towels, grip spray, with ice packs with more items for the game of badminton… it is a world market of sports, fashion, all ages playing and a billion dollar market worldwide.

Badminton Is Very Good For Fitness.

If you have played tennis or badminton you know it can make you breathe for every point, it is simply a great sport for cardiovascular health. As you dart to and from the net chasing the shuttlecock, you’ll need lots of quick bursts of energy. That puts intense demands on your lungs and heart, and over time it helps you improve your ability to play for longer periods of time with your stamina and fitness. With this there are other benefits of playing badminton besides your fitness, for example, the sport will help you improve your ability to balance while also honing your hand-eye coordination, with quick reflexes and good body movement, it also gives you the chance of meeting new people that can become good friends, so social wise it can be a very good sport for friendship, as well as the benefit of fitness.

Badminton Is A Great Sport In Many Ways…


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