Create And Work With Every Challenge…

As we know there are so many challenges thrown in front of us in life some big, small, some bad and some good but for whatever they are there for us to succeed every day of life.

Working with the athlete’s strength & conditioning programs.

I have had many challenges through life some personal, or financial, health problems and employment side as we get older, but for whatever challenge I have to work with them and focus on what is needed to do to achieve them or as I say to get ahead of them. For some of us, the challenge might be keeping healthy and fit and if like me, it’s one that I work on as if I smell a pizza I can put grams on the body, I’m just one whose metabolism is very easy to contribute to weight gain, so it’s one I need to watch. Through this I watch what I eat and keep my portion of meals down, that can be a problem needed to watch the amount you eat with every meal.

We don’t starve ourselves but we set a program with every meal, and exercise is a key, which doesn’t have to be every day and night but at least 30 to 40 minutes three times a week, I also add at least 15 minutes of stretching every day to my program, stretching doesn’t lose the inches but what they do is keep the body flexible and very moveable, the other one that is very good easy and cheap to do is just walking, I walk two ks a day until I get fitter and then Ill look at getting back into gym work of Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench press, those three on there own are really good for losing weight and tightening the body as you will use every part of the body with each program.

Again enjoying the challenge is of great importance, set goals that are reachable, and reward yourself with a goal achieved, the most important take your time don’t try and do it all in one week, the saying of this is you can lose it really quick and gain twice as much, so understand what you want and do it at a pace where it’s working and enjoyable.


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