Let’s Start – With The Basics… 1

First of all, make sure we stretch before any type of exercise. It’s so important though doing so can reduce any slight tissue or muscle tears, especially with the calves, thighs, hamstrings, and quads – the top half is all so important with shoulders, back, and top of buttocks. I have illustrated just your basic stretching but also can be very good for most exercises, these movements are good for walking, shuffling jogging, or running at a good pace, if you spend around 15 minutes stretching it will give you good movement but also depends if your muscles are really tight from the previous day of exercising, as your body gets more flexible you can stretch each movement a bit further each time, the basic rule is start where you are comfortable with feeling each stretch and movement, as the muscles and tissues adapt to your program we can go forward with your reps with stretching. You can also as you are more comfortable with Stretching you can take it to another level where it can be very helpful and get fit by working on your body in all areas again start with small reps and work your way up – a good way to do that is set a program work with that for a week or two and then advance it, also keep a record of your exercises and programs with a few notes on how you feel at the end of each exercise and what you could do to improve it, the technique is a big one the better the technique the better you work out with advancing each week or month.

The easiest exercise to start off with is walking. Again start off slow as in work out a kilometer get to that destination turn around and head back to base, you can do that at a slow pace, half pace, or what is called a brisk walk. Each week you can further the progress by extending it to 2Ks and up it – my mother is eighty-four three times a week she does 5Ks and then turns around and heads home, I have just come out of a hip replacement with that I do 2 and turn back to home, you can work harder by picking a route where it has hills or very steep paths that works the structure of the body better. The next level is what is called a slow shuffle which is in between walking at a brisk pace and a slow jog, which consists of smaller running steps and your only lifting the ball of your feet with each step a couple of inches off the ground. If you are feeling really good and at a good level with your fitness running would be the level to work with, a couple of things to look at is working with your technique with jogging and running, which is good legs and using the arms with movement run on a slight angle aligning forward not too much as it makes it harder to run, work on as even ground as you can don’t want to twist or strain and ankle, and the last one doesn’t pound the ground as you run try to run off the ball of your feet with each step as softly as you can you will understand that as you improve your technique with your movements.


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Paul Mcgrath