I Need To Focus On My Health…

Mmm… Looked in the mirror, which don’t lie.

The last few days we have been on a mission to shift into a new house – on the first night after a big day as I walked into the shower and noticed Mmm pretty big mirror – and then it happened turned on the water did the big strip as I turned I noticed something that is seen once and quite a few years ago – the question was asked but only by me – is that a Beach whale – I was gutted and felt really down to think I had gone that bad and the weight I have put on – I know it has been hard the last twelve months with the wait for a hip replacement and then the recovery the last three months.

Excuses are over which I hate doing – The Health Mission has started today and is needed – so for me it’s not going to happen overnight – in between cleaning the old house and setting up the new one – started to put together my program with exercise and diet Ill work with it as I go the important things is get going.

Week One…

First thing in the morning 20 minutes with stretching.

2K walk – Breakfast – Egg white only, fine cut mushroom, fine tomato, cut jalapeno chillies on one piece of toast.

Lunch – one tuna pattie – through the afternoon some fruit.

Dinner – Thai Pumpkin with coconut soup.

Throughout the week ill change up the lunch with, salmon Patties, meat rissole, and sardines with fine onion on dry biscuits. In the evening Change up soups, I’ll do this for seven days and then change up the program, but all so you can pinch from one and add to another too easy, ill take notes on whats working and whats not with records and how I feel with my progress, I’d say the main one is do it properly have penitence and enjoy doing it Haha.



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