Is Being Healthy A Good Thing? Your Plan To Achieve This.

The importance of being a healthy body and mind is important throughout your life – Being healthy physically can help you stay healthy emotionally too. If you eat the right foods and keep fit, your body will be strong and help you to cope with stress and also fight illness. Eating well and exercising often when you’re a teenager will also help you stay in good health throughout life.

Healthy Living…

A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone of all ages. When we look after our physical health, we feel better with everyday living – fitter more relaxed and feel better to cope with everyday living.

This is especially important if you are experiencing mental illness. There are so many ways of being healthy that feel good as well as doing you good.

Benefits of healthy living.

What we gain by living healthy includes.

Feeling better mentally – Regular exercises lift your mood and help feel better.

Saving money –  eating junk food, smoking, or drinking sugary drinks or alcohol are not cheap habits.

Fewer health problems – living a healthier lifestyle means a lower risk of developing many illnesses.

 Taking control of your life – It’s a well know fact being healthy helps you feel in control of your life.

Getting To Being Healthy.

Healthy living means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to introduce habits that will improve your health. We all know it can be difficult in making new habits, first of all, we need to change the old ones, but there are steps you can take to become healthy and take note with any age we can do this. First, we make one important step and that’s identifying the less healthy habits and learning new, positive ones to replace them.

Eating healthier foods and balancing your meals.

Sleeping well.

Managing stress is important.

Drink alcohol responsibly, and not abuse drugs, practise safe sex.

Being physically active.

Being aware of your health knowing your body and having regular checkups in maintaining your health.

We also can take supplements and vitamin tablets can be helpful in achieving a healthier body and mind.

The Way We Develop Positive Health Habits.

The art is to start slowly.

By changing your habits take one step at a time and change one thing at a time, see the benefits that come with eating more balanced meals or exercising more or quitting smoking and drinking alcohol moderately.

Making small changes, it’s like setting goals to make them achievable, and the change is more likely to be a habit that can be kept. 

Go Slowly – make the change gradually it can be easier than all at once.

Build on your exercise programs. If you enjoy being outside ( start with walking ) pick a route that is manageable to start with and build your walk each time you accomplish this with ease – it can help with starting a dairy and keep a record where you set a twenty-to 30-minute program for each day, all ways remember to schedule two rest days in between as the body needs recovery time as well.

Even though we are just walking ( stretching the body helps with no injuries and it can help with your fitness as well, cooling down after your exercise is as important in stretching to start – the benefit of keeping good muscle and bone structure with stretching before and cooling down after is good for a healthy body ), again just start with your basics and build on them.

Different exercises we can do. Remember a lot of doing exercises is the ability in doing them at any age – in other words, take the consideration that as we get older we need to know and understand our body and the limits of where we can take it to the highest level. It’s true your body as we get older loses muscle strength, bone density and the body composition changes from muscle to fat.

The Key at any age is – one step at a time – to know your body and limits.

Different Programs, Gym – weights – strength, toning or losing weight, aerobics, jogging – walking – running, swimming, water aerobic, cycling, they are different ideas to help keep the body healthy – just go with the one that you can accomplish and makes you really happy with doing it.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle.

Measure and watch your weight.

Cut unhealthy foods out and eat healthier meals.

Taking multivitamin supplements.

Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, and limit sugared beverages.

Be physically active and exercise regularly.

Reduce sitting and screen time.

Safe sex.

Have a blood test to know how your inner body is going, blood pressure is important as well, twice a year is good to measure your progress and health.

A small amount of alcohol.                                                                                                                                                         

Things to add that help you with your program.

Comfortable runners or training shoes, remember your feet are a big part of getting healthy so make sure they fit well and don’t give any soreness with your exercises.                                                                                                                               Comfortable clothing is important as your movement with your exercises shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and tight movement to your exercises, keep in mind we are not dressing to be stunning or shine out, we are dressing to feel good when exercising with movement and breathing space for the body.

Good water container to keep your hydration at a good level.

If we are outdoors during the day suncream, sunglasses, and with peak hat for shade on the face.

To do gym programs take a water container for regular fluid and a towel to help keep the sweat down on your body and use the equipment with a quick wipe after use.                                                                                                                                 If using a sound system while training makes sure you are aware of what’s around you in that area of exercising all walking.

We Need A Healthy Mind And Body…

A healthy lifestyle mind and body help build up a healthy immune system and avoid diseases, keeps good bone structure and a healthy inside to the body with good skin colour and keeps a healthy look at all ages.

Remember we can make these changes at any time and age there is no limit to how we can keep a healthy mind and body, just take one step at a time have penitence and enjoy the program in achieving your goals – so let’s do this together and enjoy it – if you have any questions or how you are progressing please let me know with the comments below, I have the experience and have worked with many people of all ages for many years in life.

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