Let My Self Down…

Only One Person To Blame – Me Myself & I…

Yes it happens and when you look at the problem it was created by me, I made excuses – yes I wasn’t in the best of movement or state of mind when coming down to the hip which created a lot of problems with the simple things of life movement. What is the solution to this problem of being overweight, well I could and should say close to obesity, I look in the mirror and ask the question why?

I look at this photo and I can see I’m trying to make the body look slimmer Haha than it is… To change your body we must first change our minds. and that what I’m doing change my mind to what is needed to be done, don’t get down and out with it, I created this now I need to create getting fit and healthy. I have learnt over the years that a good diet program is learning how to eat well with exercising in between, don’t try and lose the weight in a month, lose it over time through this you have more chance of keeping it off and learning to eat well and healthy. I have started the program, with eating small portions of meals and havening soup as a main meal, the timing is really good in one respect as it’s winter and cold Haha, I’m back at work which is good as there is a lot of walking and using the body for different things that need doing, even though I’m on machinery there will be a lot off the ground movement, I’m getting into the habit of stretching every morning before work and walking across the park with the kids when I get home, I look at two kilometres a day. The other part of my program I have started with a company called Proper Good which is an order of healthy meals delivered to your doorstep, they are excellent meals to be had a variety of meals, ready in 90 seconds and ones that I can take with me where ever I go, I like that idea.

Losing Weight Is Hard – Being Fat Is Hard – Choose Your Hard.

In life, we make choices to better ourselves, I have made a choice to get from 130 kilos to 100 and a challenge that I can make but also enjoy it as I’m not making it a must-do I’m making it I want to do that as it can make a difference with any diet you want to do it for you.



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