The Basics With Exercising…2

I spoke about the importance Of stretching before exercise. The next step is just as crucial as the finish of exercises, and that’s Cool Down – look at this as a Ritual to your programs – we stretch well before exercising and rack to cool down after exercising. I coached for many years and through this pushed from the age of 10 up enforced both before training and after training as the importance of getting into good habits with training, I found with some development programs I coached if I was going through a level each year with a particular squad I expected it to be done as part of their warm-up and cool down. If your exercise is walking stretch before and after that’s a good level to keep doing if you want to go from walking to running as you get fitter, one important issue with running, is just say you are doing around 5 kilometres just before you finish around 100 meters or so, slow right down to a walk and then walk the last 100 as a part of your cool down it keeps the muscles and tissues moving and not to an abrupt holt with your exercise as you can do damage or a slight tear which could put you back with your training.

Cool Down around 15 minutes take your time and stretch well.
Your basic stretching but they are very good and you can mix them around as well.

I just like to add to this diagram of basic stretches you can mix and add more streches to your exercise – with the SIDE BENDS – we can put your arms up and straight to the level of your shoulders, keeping them straight and at that height take your right shoulder right around front and back by using your hips and hold for 5 seconds repeat on your left – good for your back, thighs and shoulders do 10 of each. With the CALFACHILLES stretches, give yourself a bit of room keep the same stance and swing your right leg in front of you across your body towards your left as far as you can with repeating to your right as far as you can do the same with your left leg. With the INNER THIGH keep your feet together so your knees are both facing a slight up and out, put your elbows and arms on top of your knees and push down as much as you can that will stretch the inside of your thighs and groin area, that’s a good one to do as a lot injures are a tear in the groin area of the athletes. FORWARD BENDS keep the two legs together put one leg out as a large step do the movement as illustrated but using both hands follow them down to your ankle and hold for 5 seconds, it will stretch the calf and hamstring with the leg in front as well as the back one do 5 on each leg. To stretch the back use the OUTER THIGH STRETCHES by keeping that position and putting both ankles together, with staying on your knees take the body forward and arms straight and forward of the body with this position you can lean your back in by using your stomach and stretching forward which will stretch the back muscles by using the same method bring your arms forward with keeping the position on your knees and it will do the same process with stretching your back again do 5 of each.

Just a few ideas with stretching and cooling down before and after exercises, also remember just do what you are comfortable with and build up on your programs as you go.

Just illustrating the walking technique – with one foot flat which is the foot that has landed and the other in motion with going forward of the ball of the foot, calves and body is straight with each step. It’s simple whatever exercise you do with walking, jogging, or running try to learn the technique it will keep injuries down and help with your achievement to get fit.


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