The Benefits Of Living Healthy…

There are so many good reasons to look at being healthy in life – Feeling better mentally – exercising lifting your moods & making you feel better in yourself – fewer health problems – that’s what id say are some of the most important issues to a healthy life. It’s funny when you are not at your healthiest, you can feel it by being tired, lethargic, or moody and it can affect you mentally in some ways your digestive system might not be working properly. It’s a simple quotation a healthy lifestyle can make you feel better in so many ways, and it’s something you don’t have to do in an hour to get there it can be done over a period of time at your pace and what makes you feel better with your body, in other words, don’t overhaul your entire life overnight – and once you make the changes or you are already at a good level with being at a good level with your health, and once you make that one change, that success can motivate you to continue to make the positive changes.

It’s funny in some ways how life can make so many changes as we grow, when I was a young fellow the idea and push for being healthy wasn’t a push or such a big part of life and we know that with the cigarette and alcohol adds that were pushed with adds even major sponsors with sports and big gigs brought into the cities. For me, its been ups and downs with being healthy, a few diet programs giving up smoking on and off didn’t mind the few drinks Haha, now as I get older I understand the benefits more with incentives of growing with my kids and grandchildren is certainly a motivation but more than anything for me personally id like to be around a few more years yet in life. We can do this by setting goals – when you do that set ones that can be achieved with ease, don’t set what will never be accomplished – understand your program – it’s good to see where you’re going by haven a dairy on your progress and how you can improve it as you go – keep in mind this does not happen overnight you will get days where you feel it’s not going anywhere at all – the key is hanging in there Rome wasn’t built in a day – enjoy the changes that happen especially when it’s visible.

As I write this blog I’m in the same boat to get back on line with my health – for the last 12 months, I’ve had major surgery with my hips, so movement wasn’t at my best and put a lot of weight on, got down and out with depression and a few other things where my health is not what I want – so this is my motivation where I believe Practice what you preach, and I need to do this for my personal health for Me, Myself & I.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is Your Own Health.



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