The Benefits Off Honey & The Health That It Brings…


At Oz Bee Natural we specialise in unique premium Western Australia honey products.

Every now and then a product comes onto the market that is really worth doing your home work on and learn the benefits for what it can do for the health of your body outside and your insides. I have been introduced to a product with so many health benefits and it’s so natural all the way which is good if your looking at maintaining a healthy body inside and out, I was introduced to OZ BEE NATURAL, with the Bee Pollen ,Skin Balm, Jarrah Honey been on them for a few weeks, have the Jarrah Honey in my shakes, on my cereal and just take a tee spoon straight in the mouth with sucking on the spoon until it’s clean Haha, the Bee Pollen goes in my shakes and on my cereal love it, with the Skin Palm I rub it on most areas of my body as I work outside in direct heat with my PPE on from wrist to ankles your skin drys out a lot I have noticed the difference with it since using it every night after a shower.

Western Australia docent only produce some off the finest Wines, quality meet, high standard wool and many other products, we all so produce some off the best 100% Natural Honey that can be so good for the inside and outside of the human body when it comes to health…

A company by the name of OZ BEE NATURAL is producing 100% raw honey, meaning that all natural vitamins, living enzymes and other nutritional elements are preserved. Raw Honey is the original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from a concentrated nectar from flowers. Honey is collected from the extractor.


Bee Pollen is sourced from bee hives located in pristine regions of rural Western Australia. Much research has been undertaken on the health benefits of Bee Pollen. The research indicates that Bee Poland Has some incredible benefits for fighting bacteria and illness. It boast a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and many other important building blocks of a Healthy Diet.


The Skin Balm is meticulously hand crafted using 100% natural Australian Products, utilising the natural properties of raw honey to create a balm that will relieve, soothe and repair numerous skin ailments. It has a natural enchantments of antioxidants and anti inflammatory qualities. Effective on Eczema, Psoriasis, Golden Staph, Acne, Burns, Tina, Sunburn, Dermatitis, Wounds, Bed Sores and Skin Ulcers.It is also a natural skin moisturiser.


It’s like anything in life I’m just giving a small taste off a product that will hit full Australian Market, and go world wide a product that has so many benefits with health, but also a product that so easy to take in so many ways. I will give you more information and promote OZ BEE NATURAL, very shortly as it has all ready started moving really fast on the marketing side with so much room with expanding on the market of Health and Nutrition, It’s exciting to use and exciting to be a big part off such a great natural product with inner and outside health when it comes to the human body.

Paul Mcgrath…

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