The Change Of The Body At A Blink…

I have an understanding of how things can change and especially when it comes to the body as you get older – I’m in my early sixties and up until 13 months ago I was pretty on to it when it comes to health – without making excuses which I hate doing but the hip problem that occurred until the major operation and then three months of recovery the weight just seem to come to the body Lol – It’s funny not the first time I have had to work hard on the weight situation just as you get older it gets harder and slower to lose those unwanted pounds Haha.

I have started by doing a program with my meals and walking as I just can’t run at the moment I know excuse – so I’m setting up all meals with programs and what to eat and not to eat, drink not to drink, exercise – which is for me a lot of stretching to start the day – stretching can help with your program in a lot of ways by making them at a high level – I’m going to add my programs and how I’m processing with them what I can do to improve it and not to do as we go along on this journey together.


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